HMR Strategic Consulting s.c. was established in 2008. Our specialists have a long-standing experience in economic, business, management, and financial consultancy services. Most of them are academics affiliated with the Cracow University of Economics. The team includes micro- and macro-economists, experts in the fields of public management, labour market, economic innovation, finance, law, and Information Technology.

In designing custom-made management solutions we employ modern diagnostic methods and innovative techniques. We devote meticulous attention to the process of practical implementation of the solutions and their institutionalisation in organizational management systems.

Firm-Idea considers profit as a means of achieving important objectives shared by its owners and co-workers. For many, being useful constitutes a lifetime’s challenge and passion. Addressing the actual needs of customers and ensuring their well-being is an ambitious as well as fascinating undertaking around which employees and partners eagerly unite. Thanks to this mission, firms become authentic participants in the positive changes in our world, moreover, they promote open and partnership-based relations with their customers. It is easier to achieve when we like our colleagues and customers, so we value the freedom to do what we chose, with whom we chose, and for whom we chose.