An expert in the field of social communication, advertising, marketing of places and big events.
Founder and Creative Director of the ESKADRA Group, one of the leading independent marketing companies on the Polish market.
For over 20 years active adviser and creator of strategies and projects in the field of placement marketing. He has worked so far for such brands as Poland, Krakow, Małopolskie, Pomorskie, “Śląskie. Positive Energy “(the only fully implemented and successfully implemented regional strategy in Poland, 7 years, 11 campaigns), Żywiec, Kołobrzeg, Warsaw, Opole, Toruń, Sopot,” Mysterious Dolnośląskie “, Olsztyn, Łódzkie and over 30 other of this kind, implemented practically throughout the country. Awarded by the Ministry of Economy with the medal “For merits for tourism”.
In 2006 – author of the winning strategy and campaign promoting the Polish-Ukrainian candidacy for UEFA EURO 2012. Advisor and author of the social communication campaign for many public institutions, including Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development (strategies and campaigns promoting EU Funds, from 2007 to today), Ministry of the Environment (“Pole This saves more heat” with Stanisław Tym), Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Sport.
Co-author of many award-winning marketing projects (including EFFIE, Kreatura, Golden Arrow, Złote Spinacze, Boomerang). Winner of three Globe Awards, the world’s only, global awards for campaigns for Żywiec, Idea and Krakow. Last serious awards – EFFIE 2010 for the campaign “Positively filmed recommend Śląskie / positive energy”, KREATRA 2011 for the INDUSTRIADA project for the Industrial Monuments Route and KTR 2012 for the premiere gala of Mercedes CITAN.
Active lecturer and consultant, in 2004 recognized by the “PROFIT” monthly as the best trainer in the field of marketing in Poland. Author of the “Presentation Art” training program. As a trainer, he completed over 150 original training projects, in which he worked with over 10,000 participants. Lecturer and author of study programs, including at the Higher School of Europe Tischnera in Krakow, the University of Economics in Katowice, the Jagiellonian University and the University of Economics in Krakow. Author of over 100 publications and publications in the field of marketing, published in professional industry media.
A traveler and propagator of the idea of ​​”social traveling”, that is, traversing the world with a social mission, providing valuable values ​​met in the way of people – for the Transafrican expedition “GloBall 2012” nominated with the Association “Around the Year Journey” in the National Geographic Traveler plebiscite.
From 2014, together with prof. Jerzy Hausner carries out the original scientific project “Company as Idea”, currently being his most important professional priority.