Managing the process of obtaining EU investment funding

As part of our comprehensive approach, we cooperate with our Clients in three main areas:


Identification of the available forms of EU and national support and defining eligible projects, including:


  • Analysis of the investor’s development plans and expectations
  • Development of individualised strategies for the use of funds
  • Matching the programme (sources of financing) to the specifications of the investment project (establishment of a consortium, financial optimisation).


Assistance in obtaining support, including the preparation of required documentation, and assistance during negotiations with responsible entities:


  • Preparation of complete documentation, i.e. the application for co-financing with relevant attachments
  • Review and modification of independently prepared proposals
  • Assistance in negotiating the terms of grant agreements


Accounting for the investment project implementation and received support:


  • Assistance at the stage of accounting for the received subsidy
  • Preparation of project implementation reports and payment claims
  • Monitoring project implementation in accordance with the co-financing agreement