Firm-Idea – A new approach to business value

Multi-stage implementation of a novel company and brand management model


After a preliminary introduction to the Firm-Idea model (materials available at, interested organisations are invited to cooperate with a team headed by the authors of the concept – Professor Jerzy Hausner and Mateusz Zmyślony.


It is a multi-stage process which results in an overhaul of all the activities related to an organisation’s business philosophy, its brand vision, and management methods based on a conscious creation of organisational values and capital (both the hard and the soft ones). Adoption of the novel Firm-Idea is intended to facilitate the implementation of a long-term development strategy based on a credible corporate social mission, proper identification of the company’s identity, fields of competence, and methods of their further development. The final result is a unique, effective and pragmatic ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE that ensures its stable, long-term expansionary position in the market.


The decision to adopt the strategy of Firm-Idea aims to embed the organisation and its brand in an economic and social reality in a way as that ensures its comfortable place in the free market, and to define its objectives, methods of action, ways of communicating its presence and mission in order to obtain a lasting competitive advantage with respect to other entities operating in the old and outdated (as well as socially unacceptable) ‘business is business’ model.


Conscious management of values and soft capital appropriately correlated with the company’s hard capital will result in a completely different approach to the issue of staff management, communication inside and outside the company, as well as the entire philosophy of doing business starting from research through the creation and development of products and services to marketing and sales implemented in accordance with the concept of ‘brand as culture.’


The interested company is welcome to participate in the FIRM-IDEA Project/AWANGARDA Group. The group consists of companies which, as pioneers in their industries, have decided to cooperate on the Firm-Idea model. They will receive the natural privilege of being leaders in their field, generating numerous values added to the standard cooperation offer associated with their active participation in the process of model improvement, substantive benefits and those in the area of social communication, as well as priority access to knowledge and privileged position in the process of implementation of the entire process.


The process comprises the following stages:


Stage I

Introduction. Defining Open Eyes Economy, Firm as Idea, and Brand as Culture


Lectures, inspirational sessions, and introductory discussions. Participants: Management Board and key managers (company), the authors of the model (Firm-Idea team)


Stage II

Analysis of the situation, building the principles of the implementation model. Applying the Firm-Idea principles in the context of the enterprise, industry, social and economic environment.


Participants: managerial staff and a dedicated team of experts (company), consulting team (Firm-Idea team).


Stage III

Preliminary implementation of the model in the practical aspects of the Company’s operations. Critical analysis, conclusions, fine-tuning of the model, specific solutions for particular fields of competencies and interests of the Customer’s organisation.


Stage IV

Comprehensive implementation of the Firm as Idea model throughout the company. On completion of this stage, the organisation can develop and manage the model independently.