Consultancy and assistance in developing PPP projects


Our services are addressed to local governments, businesses, and non-governmental organisations considering municipal investments in the PPP formula. We assist them in the development of investment projects in cooperation with private investors, evaluation, and implementation of such projects by:


  • Integrating public subsidies, private financial resources, loans and financing from the EU and EC financial institutions
  • Tailoring the objectives of each partnership to the characteristics of a particular project
  • Ensuring the benefits accruing from PPP using the strengths and weaknesses of all the types of structures
  • Achieving cross-compliance of effective legal structures of PPP projects
  • Ensuring appropriate risk management and its financial impact on the project
  • Protection of public interest
  • Matching the level of private sector involvement to the objectives and needs of the project and society based on a detailed cost-benefit analysis
  • Analysing the costs and capacity for effective implementation and management as key factors in selecting the most appropriate PPP structure
  • Instituting transparent rules on selecting private sector partners, the use of funds, and the benefits of the project expected from PPP partners.


In particular, we review the legal and financial aspects of the proposed investment projects with a view to demonstrating which legal structure and financial resources best match a given investment project. The expert opinion includes:


  • A review of legal and systemic options for the implementation of a PPP investment project in the municipal services sector
  • A preliminary analysis of the project and the possible options:
  • scope and topical functions
  • monitoring and supervision
  • financing: project budget, costs and revenues, sources of financing, financial engineering
  • analysis of financial flows
  • marketing research
  • project organisational structure – subject matter, participating entities, contents of the relationship
  • project management structure
  • Project risk analysis
  • Requisite economic and financial analyses for the feasibility study
  • An analysis of organisational and financial project implementation capacity of a given municipal entity
  • Practical recommendations.


Our services include assistance in project discussions, preparation of project execution, and PPP agreement negotiations.


All the proposed activities are conducted pursuant to the legal requirements in force, i.e. the Public-Private Partnership Act and the European Commission’s Guidelines for Successful Public – Private Partnerships.