Developing strategies for the use of EU funds

The European Funds

The 2014–2020 perspective will be implemented in Poland through:

  • 6 national Operational Programmes managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  • 16 Regional Programmes managed by the Marshal’s Offices.


The national programmes

  • The Infrastructure and Environment Programme (low-carbon economy, environmental protection, development of Poland’s technical infrastructure and energy security)
  • The Intelligent Development Programme (implementation of research and development projects in support of innovation from the concepts of novel products, services or technologies, through the preparation of prototypes/pilot lines to their commercialisation)
  • The Knowledge, Education and Development Programme (vocational activation of unemployed people under 30, support for higher education, development of social innovation, mobility and transnational cooperation, reform of public policies in the areas of employment, social inclusion, education, health, and good governance)
  • The Digital Poland Programme (increasing Internet accessibility, creating citizen-friendly e-administration, and dissemination of computer skills across society)
  • The Eastern Poland Programme (improving competitiveness and innovativeness in the Eastern Poland Macro-region by supporting innovation and research while increasing attractiveness for investment)
  • The Technical Assistance Programme (promoting efficient operation of the institutions responsible for the fund implementation system as well as creating an effective system of information and promotion of the EU funds)


The following programmes will also be implemented in Poland:

  • The Rural Development Programme
  • The Fisheries and Maritime Programme


Forms of access to EU funds

Depending on the type of interventions – priorities included in operational programmes – we offer a selection of forms of access to EU funds for companies tailored to their strategies and individual characteristics.


The available forms of support include:

  • Direct project funding (i.e. the applicant is also a beneficiary)
  • Becoming a partner or sub-supplier of certain technological solutions or services intended for another beneficiary (e.g. state budget unit or gmina/county)
  • Funding participation in general and specialised training workshops, trade fair events, study tours, etc.
  • Funding research and development of new products
  • Protection of industrial and intellectual property
  • Funding international joint projects as a lead partner or one of the partners


We offer our services especially to companies implementing technological, product or process innovations due to the large number of forms of EU support in this area.


Objectives of cooperation

We guarantee continuous cooperation with our Client for at least one year due to the long-term planning horizon of EU activities in individual programmes.


The objective of such cooperation is to develop a strategy for applying for EU funds as part of the company’s business strategy.


To that end we develop a map that matches the current and future needs of the company resulting from its strategy and business plans to the available EU funds.


The end result is a model of funding and project planning for particular areas of interest and operational programmes divided by thematic and horizontal area.


Scope of cooperation

The proposed detailed measures within the framework of the above to be implemented in direct cooperation with the company’s management include:


  • Developing a strategy for identifying projects to be financed within the framework of EU operational programmes consistent with the company’s current/future strategic/operational objectives
  • Developing a model of funding and project planning based on the above-mentioned strategic analysis
  • Ongoing verification and monitoring of available sources of information on the subject and providing the company with relevant information about specific funding options
  • Submitting proposals for searching and selecting international partners for network-based projects
  • Periodic preparation of detailed reports on financing opportunities for particular business areas or horizontal objectives
  • Verification and evaluation of proposals for business, product and technological development projects developed by the company from the vantage point of ensuring EU funding under individual priorities/programmes
  • Once specific/mature projects to be financed have been identified, developing an application submission plan, structuring the objectives, compliance with the priorities of a given fund, the proposed implementation structure, etc.


Following the identification of specific projects considered by both parties as priority and realistic in terms of funding, full or partial assistance may be provided in the drawing up of applications, feasibility studies, and other documents required for the relevant measure of the selected operational programme.


Our experts and consultants offer a unique blend of experience in the field of programming, planning, application, management, and implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of EU projects both within the framework of national structural funds and cooperation projects on a European scale.